Bookmarked #10

I started at my new job this week and managed to power through it like Rosie the Riveter (I may be over exaggerating here). Anyway, thankfully for me I’ve found something in common with a few colleagues: comics. This week’s Bookmarked post is an ode to my love for comics. The image featured above is an Illustrator-drawn infographic by the talented Joe Stone.

Civil War is my favourite crossover storylines from Marvel. If you still haven’t read it yet you should make the time to do so.

GeekDraw is an interesting blog that focuses on the illustrations of comics.

Here is a list of the best erotic comics by great artists. Although I am not a massive fan of Superman I would love to get my hands on a copy of Secret Identity.

If you are not following Ryan Penagos’ blog, Agent M Loves Tacos, I suggest you do so now! He is the Editorial Director for and his posts never cease to amuse me. His blog include industry insights, answers to all of your question, things he finds cute/interesting and random photos of his life. He also shuns those who spell Spider-Man wrong.

I could probably spend all day posting links on comics so I’m going to stop here. On a final note, KL Fair and I are super excited and can’t wait to see Thor!

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